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Show Me Gold Prospectors is a chapter of Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA), founded on May 3rd, 2003, by a group of prospectors with a few simple goals in mind:

Our chapter has no initiation fees or dues. It is solely self-supporting through raffles held at each meeting. You do not need to be a member of the GPAA to join our chapter; only to vote on chapter related issues or hold a chapter office. Our chapter welcomes new members! There are enough experienced members to help those who are just starting out in the hobby of gold prospecting.

Meeting Location

Show Me Gold Prospectors meetings are held in a variety of locations. Check the “Meeting Locations” page to see where we are next. We normally meet the second Saturday of each month (except December) at 11:00am, unless otherwise voted on and changed at a prior meeting. Our home base meeting place is the Wellington Fair Board building in Wellington, MO. The Fair board building is located on the NE. corner of the square in the town of Wellington, MO right north of 24 highway. There is always plenty of free coffee. Bring your own soft drinks, as we have a ice machine there. Snacks are often brought by members as well. If you need directions, feel free to contact us.

Expand our network

Our network of friends include anyone who is a member of Show Me Gold Prospectors and all others who are interested in the hobby. You do not have to be a prospector to need a place in the outdoors to go. Many of the same issues that keep public land closed to the recreational miner also keep out relic and treasure hunters, metal detectors, game hunters, fishermen ATV’ers, and hikers.

Find additional places in Missouri

We actively seek places, both public and private, where our chapter can go to hold outings. The more we get out and show the people that it is in everyone’s best interest to leave the land in better shape than we found it, the less opposition everyone receives when we ask for permission to use private land.

Hold regularly scheduled meetings

Show Me Gold Prospectors meets every month except December. By holding regular scheduled meetings we provide a forum for people to learn, express concerns, and interact with others with like interests.

Attend functions and hold group outings

As often as possible and practical each year, outings are held. Outings are simply group get together at a location where the chapter has obtained permission to have the group come in and prospect. Be it just for a day, or for a year. Again, the more often we are able to go to a property and show that we do far more good than harm, the better off we are.

Help educate the public

We help to educate the public on the benefits of recreational mining by attending outside functions, becoming involved in other groups, and doing public demonstrations. In these ways we can show the public that working in a stream to “get gold” will result in the removal of such things as Mercury, Lead, and trash in general. An added bonus to working a stream is that it agitates and loosens the streambed in areas that may have become stagnant and locked. This dislodges the smaller creature that fish then feed on, as well as creating new holes and spawning areas for fish and other stream life.

Share the hobby

The most important thing we can do as a chapter is to share our hobby with others. We all enjoy the prospecting for different reasons, and found the hobby through a different source. Share what you enjoy with someone! You just may be offering him or her a lifetime of enjoyment!